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What To Do Next

Do I qualify?

Any taxpayer who lives in the Hampton Roads area and had a household income of $54,000 or less in 2015 is eligible to get their taxes prepared for free at a local tax site. 

Who will prepare my taxes?

An IRS certified volunteer will prepare your taxes for you. A quality review is completed on each return to ensure accuracy. 

Where do I go?

There are various locations within Hampton Roads. To find a location near you, click here or call 1-888-664-6116. 

What will I need to bring?

Click HERE to view a printable list required documents you must bring with you. 

Self-help Tax Preparation

You may be able to save time at SHREITC sites by preparing your tax return using the free online software. If you are comfortable completing your return online, visit 

If you would like to complete your return online and want some in-person for assistance, you can use a designated computer at a participating SHREITC site. A trained VITA Volunteer will be available to help if you have questions. 

Ask yourself the following:

Do I have a personal email account that I use on a regular basis?

Am I good at using a computer?

Is all of my work income reported on W‐2s?

If you answered YES to all these questions, you might qualify! 

VITA volunteers will help you with any questions you have while you are preparing your tax return at one of our designated locations.  When you arrive at a participating SHREITC Site, tell the volunteer you are interested in preparing your taxes and a volunteer will check your eligibility and explain how it works. 

Things you need to know if you use Facilitated Self- Assisted:

If you want help, VITA volunteers are available to answer questions and review your return before you file it.

You are personally responsible for preparing your tax return.  SHREITC will NOT file your return.

You will e-mail your return while you are on site, but you must check your personal emails to make sure that the IRS and State have received and accepted your return.  The IRS and State would notify you directly via email to tell you if they approved your return.  If the IRS rejects your return, they will send you instructions to fix it.  If you want help from SHREITC, you will have to go back to the same site with all of your information.

SHREITC will NOT have any access to your tax return. Only you can access and print your return from the online site you used to prepare and file your return.